Battery Operated Pocket Radio

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NT North Tech brings this highly reliable, functional, durable and long-lasting pocket radio. Designed with a built-in AM/FM tuner for great entertainment as you travel.

Helps you stay informed during emergencies while at home or abroad.

Perfect For:
- Camping
- Hiking
- Fishing
- Walking your dog
- At the Beach
- Golfing
- Doing Housework

Keeping you up to date during:
- Extreme Weather Conditions
- Local and National Emergencies
- Power Outages

Allowing you to stay Connected.

This small, yet powerful, FM/AM portable radio would be there for you when you need it. Operating only on two AA batteries that could last hundreds of hours during normal use, or weeks in some cases.

This classic look transistor-based pocket radio offers the best performance at a very affordable price.

It has been created to be very simple to use, while providing a very versatile, sturdy and "compact timeless design", enjoyed by many throughout the years, cutting thru multiple generations.

An integrated hand strap and headphone socket let you use it anywhere.

NT North Tech is committed to provide our customer second-to-none products, with the greatest customer satisfaction in the industry, guaranteed.